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Red Scorpion Dojo has an excellent mix of fully qualified black belt instructors. All our Instructors train and teach at our Warkworth Showgrounds Dojo. All black belt Instructors are registered with the AJKA-I after 1 years full training at black belt level.

Our Sensei, 4th Dan. Chief Instructor with over 30 years Martial Arts experience. Sensei also travels all over the world training specialist Police and Military units.

Senpai Aimee Goddard, 2nd Dan, junior black belt. Aimee assists with our kid's classes.

Senpai Rob Early, 1st Dan 

Senpai Wendy Murphy, 1st Dan


As well as our Black Belt Instructors, Red Scorpion Dojo has well trained Brown Belt Instructors. Becky Varty runs our Kid's Karate classes on Tuesday evenings.

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