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Student Development

We are a member of AJKA-International/New Zealand. As such, ranks are officially recorded with the AJKA-International and recognized by traditional karate organisations throughout the world.

Coloured belts and karate ranks are awards of recognition presented to indicate the progress of the student in mastering the mental and physical aspects of karate. All students start with white belts, signifying that they are beginners. With regular, focussed practice it takes between three and five years to earn a black belt.

Since all students are individuals with different potential and rates of development, it is essential that, for testing, one student not be compared to another. Grading should only be used as a tool to measure each students' own individual improvement. The true opponent, in testing and karate in general, is yourself.

The examiner grades the student on many factors, including:


- Form (kata)

- Basic Techniques (kihon)

- Sparring (kumite)

- Correct timing, distance and judgment

- Mental, physical and emotional strength

- Etiquette and manners


As a student progresses towards black belt, the

following factors are also taken into consideration:


- Character

- Training attitude and commitment

- Hours of training

- Age

- Individual handicaps and limitations


PLEASE NOTE: Karate progress is individually paced. All of the students will not be ready to test at every test. Parents, please help your child understand that it is ok if they don't test every time an exam is held. Students are only allowed to take an exam when they are technically ready, and also ready emotionally to assume the responsibilities of the next rank.



Students will be invited to grade, it is not a right, to be invited your attendance level has to be at 75% and you must have shown spirit, determination, commitment and improvement. 

In addition children and youths from 6th kyu onwards must attend at least 2 competitions and 1 seminar per year.


Cost of grading is $40, students receive their coloured belt on passing the exam.

Gradings take place every 4 months; 4th kyu and above every 8 - 12 months.

Grading rank is recognised worldwide through AJKA-I. New black belts must show continued discipline and determination and will be on probation for 1 year after their black belt exam, before receiving their certificate of rank and being added to the AJKA-I black belt (Dan) register.

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