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                        Kid's Karate - Little Stingers

Our Little Stingers are the future of Red Scorpion Dojo. Many Little Stingers have progressed through to our evening classes and gone on to become black belts.

Our classes are fun and the kid's love the Dojo environment. Our Little Stingers are taught respect, discipline, self confidence, restraint, safety, health, fitness and of course the basics of Karate.

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Me and Aims.jpg

Through careful development and training, our Little Stingers learn the fundamentals of Karate and self defence, situational awareness, restraint and the ability to disengage from potentially dangerous situations. Our Karate system has been developed over years by our own Sensei, who has experience in real life situations in the most dangerous places in the world.

And, most importantly, it's fun!

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