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Black Belt Academy


The Black Belt Academy is for students who we have identified as having the potential and commitment to go all the way to Black Belt.

Students will study in depth kumite and kata, as well as perfecting their basic techniques. The Black Belt Academy is an addition to supplement normal training.

As a member of the Black Belt Academy it is expected that your personal discipline be exceptionally high, dojo etiquette being one area specifically monitored. This includes early payment of all dojo fees. Cost of the Black Belt Academy is $120 per term, payable on the first training day of the term.

Students must be prepared to train hard and study in their own time, commit to making class at least 8 weeks out of the 10.

I have to emphasise that students must be dedicated, this is invitation only and if i feel that this is not being adhered to then you will be asked to re think your involvement of the Black Belt Academy.

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